How this site is made

Following on from my introduction of JBake here's how I use it to make this site.

I store the content for my site in a private SVN repository and use Eclipse as an editor (the site is a project in Eclipse), overkill I know but it has a decent SVN client plugin that I'm very familar with and a few other useful plugins. Plus the source code of JBake was written using Eclipse so I can quickly tinker with the code and re-generate my site locally within a few clicks.

Once I'm happy with the new content I commit the changes to my SVN repository and that's all I have to do. On my VM I have a cron job that runs every few hours that checks out a new copy from the SVN repo, runs JBake on the checked out copy to generate the output which is then served out directly by Apache HTTPD.

I'm quite happy with my workflow for this site, although you could use Git instead of SVN if you prefer, like I do for using GitHub or even Dropbox so you could work on the content using a mobile device.

You can even generate your site locally on your PC/laptop and just rsync/ftp the output up to your web server, the choice is up to you.