The Kindle

(Note: I started this post before getting a Kindle for Christmas.)

I'm very intrigued by the Amazon Kindle.

Up until now I hadn't been tempted by any of the ebook readers available, a couple of things put me off. The price of those available in stores such as Waterstones and the doubt in my mind that the experience would be just as good as reading a book. This is quite strange in itself as I usually I don't need much persuasion to want a new gadget!

Reading the reviews of it by Matt & Mark have, ever so slowly, increased the desire to own one. Especially Mark's article, before reading it I was probably guilty of lumping the Kindle & iPad in the same category.

I don't really travel that much compared to others in work but when I do I like to read on the plane, I've never been one for just listening to music. On the last few trips I've found myself struggling to decide which books to take with me, and slowly realised this is the huge benefit of having an ebook reader like the Kindle.

The price of the Kindle is another major selling point, at £109 £111 even if I don't find it as good as reading a normal book it's not a huge lose.

I'm intrigued enough to actually purchase one.