Fantasy football 2007/2008 season review

Amazingly this was my first season of playing Fantasy Football of any kind, ever! I signed up to the official Premier League version and joined the league operated in work. My team name, Bullock's Ballbags, aptly named considering where I finished up!

I started off slowly learning the rules the hard way by completely changing my team early on in the season and taking a big transfer points deduction on the few points I had gained so far! I didn't know what the "wildcard" was at that point! As you'd expect Everton players formed the backbone of my team throughout the season.

My team slide down the league as did my dedication to the cause. However a few changes to the side at New Year got me moving up the league again . Unfortunately I was too far gone to make any kind of a difference to the top of the table. I finished 19th in the league for work and 546,674th overall. I managed to steal that 19th place from a colleague on the last day of the season!

One thing playing fantasy football did this year was make me take more of an interest in the other games shown on MoTD apart from the Everton games!

Bring on 2008/2009!