JBake v2.5.0 Released

I'm very pleased to say that JBake v2.5.0 has been released!

The big changes in this release are support for Groovy's MarkupTemplateEngine and Jade4J - both are great if you dislike markup in the your template engines. Watch mode has also been added to the built-in server so JBake will automatically detect any content changes and re-build your output on the fly for you, great for when you're working locally and want to see what the content looks like.

There is also support for running JBake from Cygwin and pagination support for the index page, among a whole bunch of smaller changes and bug fixes. It's the biggest release so far in terms of contributions, pull requests and closed issues.

The release is now available on Maven Central, Bintray, SDKMAN! and Homebrew.