JBake v2.1 Released

I'm happy to announce that JBake v2.1 has been released!

The big change in this release is the standardisation of the data model presented to the templating engine which will mean a slight update to your templates (mainly replacing "posts" with "published_posts" in your index, feed & archive templates - detailed info is available in the docs). Although there is now more data available to the templates including a full collection of posts and pages allowing you to have multiple news/blog listing pages (for example: JBake.org). You also have full access to the configuration so you can build more logic into your templates.

The other major change is the way JBake is distributed and executed. It's no longer just 1 large JAR file and has execution scripts for both Windows & Linux/Unix/Mac platforms. As well as using the excellent args4j library to provide a better CLI experience which will hopefully be expanded further in the future. Thanks goes to mismatch for contributions in this release.

Lots of great new features are already planned out for future releases. If you have any ideas or want to get involved then please get in touch!