Well 2009 came and went quickly, the majority of it was spent buying and then moving into our first home (more on that another time). I then proceeded to spend the last 6 months thinking about what I want to use this site for and very little time doing anything about it. Yesterday I started to make a few changes, I configured Wordpress as the CMS behind the whole site rather than just being used for a blog. It's not my ideal solution but it's a start in the right direction at the very least. I'm looking for a bliki type solution really along the same lines as Yaki that powers Tao of Mac. But until I find a Java based version that I like it'll do for now, should allow me to focus on the content rather than the mechanism for getting the content online anyway. I've also dropped the "www." from the URL for the site, it was long enough anyway!

I think I've got Wordpress configured correctly just need to go through all the posts and fix any broken links and images due to the mod_rewrite/redirect rules I've put in place. Next thing on the list is to scrap the current theme and go with "Twenty Ten" until I either find a minimalistic theme I like or make my own.