Star Wars on DVD

A couple of weeks ago we had some friends come and stay and after going out for a meal and having a few drinks we ended up at home with a desire to play Trivial Pursuit. Unfortunately we don't have the original board game version, however, I remembered that I have the Star Wars Saga DVD Edition that was given to me as a Xmas present a while ago. We played it until the early hours and consumed even more alcohol, although by the end only the men had any real interest in playing the women were more interested in talking!

Playing the game and seeing various clips of the fims reminded me that, as a big fan of the films, I don't own them on DVD yet. So last week I put this right and ordered Star Wars: Episode IV, Episode V & Episode VI on DVD. I was quite surprised there was so many versions available of the first trilogy (in terms of release) of films yet only one version of the second trilogy of films. I went for the so called "Limited Edition" which includes the original theatrical version as well as the updated version. Hopefully I'll receive Episode IEpisode IIEpisode III for my birthday next month, I think I've dropped enough hints! :-)

I would have thought by now there would a box set of all 6 films as that's what I would have preferred to buy rather than the indiviual films. Come on Lucasfilm your missing a trick here!