iPhone 3G

Dear Vodafone, unless you can offer me the iPhone 3G in the next 3 months I shall be leaving you after 6 years and joining O2.

The 3G version of the iPhone has been announced by Apple and should be available sometime in July here in the UK. I'm assuming it'll only be available via O2 again. It's been released quicker than I thought, while the rumour sites had been predicting it would be I wasn't so sure.

I upgraded to the Nokia N95 last September in the hope the 3G version of the iPhone would appear sometime this year. I managed to get a 12 month contract out of Vodafone (along with the free upgrade) just in case it was released. I was very tempted to get one last year but couldn't justify the handset cost along with the 18 month contract required, I was also a little disappointed that it wasn't 3G.

I've got to decide whether I go for the 8GB or 16GB version now. Decisions, decisions!